Women's health: Annual exams/PAP smear, menopause, PMS, menstrual problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, cervical dysplasia, allergies sensitivities valuation, standard blood tests for allergies, natural treatments.


Pediatrics: Well-child exam, chronic ear infections, colds and flu, colic, mood & behavior issues, autism spectrum, vaccination information.


Endocrinology: Adrenal Fatigue & stress, thyroid issues, diabetes


Gastroenterology: Digestive issues, reflux, IBS, Crohn's and Celiac disease, heartburn, gallstones, candida (yeast), and parasites.


Chronic disease: High cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions, chronic sinusitis, toxicity.


Viral illnesses: Colds and flu, hepatitis, HIV support.


Functional testing: Digestive health panels, parasite & candida testing, hormone levels, allergies and sensitivities, heavy metal & nutrient status screens and thyroid panels.





For information regarding our Natural Hormone Replacement Therapies as well as




Endermologie Treatments (Lipomassage & Endermolift) please click on link below.




Femme Clinique





Specialties: Family Medicine, Women's Health, Pediatrics, Physical Medicine, Preventive Medicine.

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